Susan Humistion: Predator, Conceals Attorney Misconduct

Susan M. Humiston is the director of the Minnesota Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility. Director Humiston graduated from the University of Iowa College of Law. Director Humiston repeatedly facilitates attorney felony conduct, and, most importantly, allows attorneys to fabricate evidence, conduct racist revenge pornography campaigns, pursue targeted prosecution schemes, pursue wrongful convictions, engages in gender discrimniation, racism, and unsurprisingly sets new daily records of attorney misconduct in Minnesota.

Attorney Racism and Violence

To her credit, Director Humiston is no closet racist. Rather, she has made it known publicly that she is Minnesota's most racist bureaucratic officer. If Minnesota attorneys or prosecutors publish semi nude or nude photos of black men to thousands of people in revenge porngraphy campaigns, Director Humiston turns a blind eye and rubberstamps the unlawful activity. Most imporptantly, Director Humiston covers up the racist activities of Minnesota attorneys and fails to discipline the unlawful efforts of other attorneys who attempt to victimize whistle blowers. In 2017, she became aware that a powerful prosecutor was engaging in this activity where the prosecutor had even illegally used her official role to silence evidence of the behavior described above. Director Humiston tried to wash her hands clean of the entire situation by blaming Duluth Attorney Bruce R. Williams.

Attorney Fabrication of Evidence

Most notably, in complaints made to the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility, Director Humiston admits that she allows Minnesota attorneys to falsify and fabricate evidence to target men with jail. Minnesota attorneys and prosecutors can send emails and blatently admit to fabricating evidence with statements conceding they are "fabricat[ing]" the "most believable false information" or "unique false information" in targeted prosecution schemes against political or personal adversaries. In other cases, she allows Minneapolis prosecutors to target succesful men "in advance" with bogus "trespessaing" charges. What accountability does Director Humiston offer? None of course.

Indeed, this happened with Jordan Kushner where Minneapolis prosecutors including Mary Ellen Heng and Susan Segal targeted Mr. Kushner with a trespassing charge for exercising his First Amendment rights to protest at the University of Minnesota. Mr. Kushner, an attorney himself, was violently assaulted without any investigation by Director Humiston.

Manufacturing Prosecutorial Misconduct

As her records show, Director Humiston permits state criminal prosecutors in Minnesota to repeatedly commit violence, kneel on necks George Floyd style, engage in misconduct, violate the Rules of Criminal Procedure, fabricate evidence, rig prosecutions in favor of and to benefit Minneapolis police officers, and pursue deliberate wrongful convictions without any accountability. Specifically, Director Humiston allows rogue County and City Attorneys to conduct violent extrajudicial raids without accountability, oversight, or investigation from her office. Director Humiston's tenure is plagued with thousands of racially motivated prosecutors of black men. Many of those prosecutors or the maintance of those prosecutions were bitterly criticized by the national media including the Washington Post. During her tenure, Director Humiston failed to discpline attorneys who maintained the wrongful conviction of Myon Burrel, and, most importantly, allowed Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman to obstruct and derail the prosecution of police officers accused in the Justine Damond-Ruszcysk case.

Director Humiston has maintained knowledge of Minneapolis Law enforcement's use of violent techniques and illegal conduct for many years. This includes Director Humiston's knowledge of forced asphyxiation and neck kneeling. Director Humiston received numerous complaints between 2017-2019 related to similar conduct extending from Minneapolis police where the Minneapolis City Attorneys Office used their positions to illegally enter homes and engage in the same George Floyd neck kneeling. Director Humiston did absolutely nothing to protect the citizens of Minnesota.

Proliferating Attorney Misconduct and Violence


Humiston must be impeached to protect Minnesota families. If you have allegations of attorney misconduct, please email